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Simple Shipping Tips For Every DropShipping Companies in Nigeria

July 9, 2024

Over the past few years, Dropshipping has become quite popular in the Nigerian Ecommerce sector. A lot of people are now involved in it, from business owners to students or housewives who wish to have another source of income. There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the rapid popularity of Dropshipping amongst Nigerians some of which are the facts that; It costs little to nothing to start, business owners can sell their products without having to own a shop, it is highly profitable as it costs little to start and so on. However, despite its many advantages, the Dropshipping company in Nigeria is very competitive, therefore if you wish to succeed in this line of business you need to take extra and conscious steps for you to enjoy the profitable aspects of the business.

In this blog post, we will be showing not only shipping tips for a successful dropshipping business but also steps to take to own a successful Dropshipping company in Nigeria and also the best choice of shipping companies in Nigeria. But firstly let us have a proper understanding of what Dropshipping is.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping simply means a business model that allows the seller to take and deliver the customer's order without having to stock up the goods. This way, you get the benefits of sales without spending money on stocking up. Dropshippers can get goods either directly from the producers or act as a middleman between the manufacturer and the consumer.

How To Run A Successful Shipping Company In Nigeria

Like earlier mentioned, the Dropshipping industry in Nigeria is very competitive, therefore you have to cross all your t’s and dot all I’s, make sure you leave no room for little mistakes that could hurt your reputation or your business. Here are some few steps you can follow to  ensure the success of your Dropshipping business:

Niche Down: There are many profitable niches to choose from in the Dropshipping industry, choose the one you can relate with the most and stick to it. Being all over the place and selling every and anything will hurt your business. Be the go-to person for certain products or services, don't confuse your customers.

Use Multiple Suppliers: Having multiple reliable suppliers will make it possible for you to always meet your customer demands without always telling them the goods they order for are out of stock. This way people will always count on you to have their needs at hand, this will ‌help to boost your business.

Impeccable Customer Services: Excellent customer service is the heart of any successful business, we have all called customer services to lay a complaint or the other at one point in time in our lives. Imagine calling to lay a complaint after spending a lot of money only to be spoken to rudely? I am very sure the first thing that will come to your mind is to never patronize such a business again, right? Therefore, you should always have this in mind when speaking with your customers. And if you have to delegate this role, ensure you train the employee properly to represent your company the way you want it represented.

Adequate Marketing Strategy: Like Jake Butcher said, “Products are what you believe, Marketing is how you get people to believe it. Without adequate marketing strategies, your business will die. Marketing is the only way you can get people to believe in and buy what you sell. As an e-commerce business owner, take advantage of the various sales channels available to market your business. Make use of sales channels such as Social Media, Search Engine and so on. Also create a monthly budget for marketing in order to keep the marketing of your business flowing.

Choose The Right Shipping Company For Delivery: To run a successful shipping company in Nigeria, your business depends greatly on delivery, your goods gets delivered to you and you in turn deliver them to your customers or in most cases you make the order for your clients which gets delivered to them directly, either way proper and adequate delivery is something you cannot afford to get wrong as a drop shipper in Nigeria. Let us examine some shipping tips for Dropshipping companies in Nigeria.

Simple Shipping Tips For Dropshipping Company in Nigeria

The following are some shipping tips for Dropshipping Company in Nigeria. Shipping of products and goods by a shipping company cannot be done by the dropshipping company itself, but by the shipping company you decide to work with either as an individual or as a company. Here are the things to look out for when choosing a shipping company to work with.

Fast and Efficient Shipping: As a dropshipping company in a competitive economy like Nigeria, you have to ensure that the delivery of products or goods to either you or your customers is done in a fast and efficient manner without any delays. Unnecessary delays can lead to loss of customers.Go with a shipping company like Terminal Africa that has a track record of fast and efficient shipping with over 13 couriers to choose from to ensure fast delivery.

Reliability: Customers should be able to trust that their orders will get to them when you say it will, therefore make your research before committing to a shipping company. Are they reliable? Have you often heard of bad reviews about them? Do they mishandle orders entrusted to them? The best bet is to go with Terminal Africa which has over 20 thriving businesses committed to them as the go-to company for all of their shipping needs.

Experience: As a dropshipping company, you cannot afford to gamble with your orders in the hands of ill experienced shipping companies. Do your research, be sure the shipping company you go with is experienced enough to tackle any unforeseen difficulties.

Accessibility: Ensure you go work with a shipping company that is up to date with technology and easily accessible wherever you are in case you need to make any enquiries or lay a complaint.

Cheap Delivery Rates: Delivery charges contribute largely to the pricing of goods and products for dropshipping companies, therefore, work with a delivery company that offers cheap delivery rates so as not to impose expensive delivery charges on your clients.

What Is The Best Choice Of Shipping Company in Nigeria?

The best choice of shipping company in Nigeria is Terminal Africa inc. Terminal Africa Inc is a certified and reliable shipping company in Nigeria that ships globally with a good track record. Terminal Africa Inc covers all the above mentioned qualities and more. For furthers enquiries and research about Terminal Africa Inc visit