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We’re making logistics easy for businesses.

Terminal Africa is a safe, quick and easy way to send items to any location in the world, both local and international.

Shipping with your personal accounts

With Terminal Africa, you connect to your existing courier partner account (e.g. DHL) and arrange shipments via our app.

This means you can enjoy a faster, cost-effective shipping experience with transparent pricing and no markups.

Benefits & Requirements

To access the personal rate setups, you’ll require a valid courier account and provide proof of ownership.

Rates & Accounts
You maintain your rates & account manager.
Multi-Parcel Shipments
Arrange delivery for multiple parcels with one shipping invoice.
Zero Markups
Pay a flat fee for booking shipments.
Automatically reconcile all your shipments.

Bulk Shipments

Multiple shipments in one go.

You can save time, increase efficiency & manage operations.

Multiple shipments in one go.

You can save time, increase efficiency & manage operations.

Benefits of shipping in bulk!

Faster Bookings

You can save time by booking many shipments at once.

Optimise Operations

Manage all your logistics operations in one platform.

Zero Errors

Increase efficiency by reducing shipping errors to zero.

Logistics Insights

Enjoy real time and dynamic data on your shipping activities.


Coverage on all your package globally.

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Faster Claims

Get resolutions on damaged and missing items in 5-7 days.

Affordable Premiums

Choose from a wide range of insurance premiums.

Global Coverage

Insurance on both local and international shipments.

Customer Satisfaction

100% guaranteed coverage on damaged or missing items.

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