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Shipping Services For Small Business Owners In Nigeria | Terminal Africa

September 15, 2023

For your small business, are you looking for effective shipping services? Use Terminal Africa to ship locally and from any location in Nigeria to locations outside of Nigeria.

Shipping Services for Small Businesses

In recent years, especially post-COVID, buying from the Internet has increased rapidly, and accordingly, the work of shipping companies and individuals have increased, and this is related to goods and property that are transferred from one country to another by shipping.

As a small business owner, there are a number of variables that affect shipping. These variables include maintaining and managing the company's production, marketing, and shipping processes to guarantee a positive customer experience.

Below are all you need.

What aspects should small businesses consider before shipping their products?

It can be difficult to select the shipping option that offers the cheapest rates for small businesses because there are so many options available, and if you are unfamiliar with fundamental industry norms, choosing the best shipping provider for small businesses can be challenging.

You should take the costs of shipping goods into account if you want to get the most out of your small business. Here are some important factors to think about:

  1. Order Volume

Finding the best solution depends a lot on how many orders a small business sends out each month. Small businesses will have a different strategy than seasoned big-box retailers..Large order volumes allow companies to bargain for low small business shipping rates. Your company might also gain from solutions for small business shipping, such as packaging and delivery rebates from couriers and independent order fulfillment companies like Terminal Africa Inc. Scaling eCommerce order fulfillment smoothly can be accomplished by working with a partner like Terminal..

  1. Packaging

The packaging you choose for your products gives you the chance to protect your products, promote your brand, and reduce shipping costs. When packaging your products, offering good protection should be your top priority. As a result, you should consider the degree of protection your products require. T-shirts will be packaged very differently than glass ornaments, for example. Use bubble wrap or air fill to cushion delicate items for additional protection.

Regardless, the size and weight of your products have a direct impact on the packaging you choose. While large items need boxes, small and light items can be shipped in an envelope. You should also take into account the price of packaging supplies like foam or paper padding. Depending on the kind of packaging used, some couriers offer flat rates.

  1. Dimensions and weight of the package

Weightier packages unquestionably cost more to ship, unless you choose the flat rate option.

You should also take your products' dimensional weight (DIM) into account. The dimensions of the shipped package are considered in this. Large boxes have a high DIM weight, which means that shipping will be expensive. As a result, choose small boxes whenever possible while making sure the goods are shipped safely. The average package size has a big impact on how much shipping will cost overall and how much it will cost you.

  1. Tracking

Building a lasting, meaningful relationship with your customers starts with transparency. Using open tracking procedures is one way to increase that trust. Every small business should have an explicit shipping policy that it communicates to its clients. The aforementioned policy should include the tracking protocol.

Offering to track a shipment is a crucial and expected component of completing eCommerce orders, regardless of whether the shipment is being sent by FedEx, USPS, UPS, or any other courier. Businesses should fulfill customers' expectations of being able to track a package's every move in order to stay competitive.

  1. Delivery Schedule

Transparency is essential, as we discussed with tracking. It's advisable to give a few extra days' leeway when giving an estimated delivery date. When a package is delivered on time, it is the best experience imaginable. Early in the day is even better. The worst case scenario is when a package arrives later than anticipated because this can erode a customer's confidence.

Prior to discussing delivery windows, we must discuss lead time. This spans the time from when an order is placed until it is delivered. A product in this window could, for instance, be created from scratch or purchased from a different vendor. Always inform the customer how long it will take to produce, package, and ship the product.

  1. Destination

International shipping is more expensive than domestic shipping. This may affect how quickly your customers should anticipate receiving deliveries. Choosing a courier service that offers the ideal ratio of price and turnaround time is crucial because the majority of online customers demand affordable, quick deliveries.

Reducing the number of zones that the package travels is the best way to lower costs while accelerating delivery. For instance, outsourcing a fulfillment center close to your customers can result in significant long-term savings if you frequently ship products across the country. This is referred to as working with a 3PL in the industry.

How can shipping costs be decreased for small businesses?

To ensure that you cut costs and turn a profit, finding the most affordable shipping for small businesses is crucial.

Choose a courier that offers the most affordable small business shipping services while guaranteeing timely delivery, though, as specialty small business shipping rates vary. The following are some strategies for lowering shipping costs for small businesses.

  1. Select reasonably priced packaging supplies

Packaging expenses can quickly mount up. If you don't have enough money in the budget, you could refuse extras like branded packaging, for example. Instead, choose straightforward, conventional packaging materials to save money.

  1. Delegate shipping

Another time- and money-saving suggestion is to outsource order fulfillment to outside service companies with expertise in logistics. This entails small businesses contracting with outside companies to handle logistics. In addition to storing inventory, 3PLs also package orders and get them ready for delivery by couriers.

  1. Negotiate prices

For large and regular-sized orders, you can haggle special small business shipping rates with a variety of suppliers. Consider negotiating a lower rate with couriers if you use them frequently and have large shipping volumes. Similar to this, you can take advantage of numerous discounts and exclusive offers that couriers provide to expanding businesses if your order volume is so low that you won't receive many benefits.

What Shipping Options Are Best for Small Businesses?

Simply put, a quick and affordable shipping service is best for small businesses. Being considerate of and accommodating to your customers' needs is the name of the game, as any astute businessperson is aware. We'll assume your clients are online shoppers with needs for delivery windows, package tracking, and price in this case.

The option that offers small businesses the most affordable shipping options might not be the best option for customer service. Keep in mind that limiting your business to one small business shipping services provider doesn't make financial sense. In actuality, depending on their offerings, businesses use more than two providers.

We've listed the various services provided by various reputable couriers below:


Growing businesses in need of shipping services can take advantage of a program offered by FedEx called FedEx Small Business. The Packaging Help Hub is a tool that can be used to determine the dimensional weight of your packages and learn about packaging terms, among other benefits.

Scheduled pickups and temperature-controlled shipping are two additional features that FedEx provides.


The UPS Small Business program aims to give small business owners the tools they need to get the most out of their shipping options.

UPS offers UPS Connect, which offers shipping discounts, consultations with logistics experts, and a committed support team, in addition to the ability to schedule pickups and manage customer returns.

Which shipping company is the best to work with as a partner?

As a small business owner, you should search for the provider who provides the best services for your enterprise. Terminal Africa Inc., a reputable shipping company, is a standout performer in the industry and committed to getting your goods and property shipped to your desired location without incident on or before the due date. To stay ahead of the competition and serve your customers effectively, you must rely on Terminal Africa Inc. for all of your shipping requirements.

With options to select from numerous courier partners, tracking your shipment, and estimating your shipping fee before booking your shipment with ease, Terminal Africa Inc. offers shipping services of the highest standard for all businesses around the world..

Why Choose Terminal Africa Inc. For All Your Shipping Needs?

Contact Terminal Africa Inc for all your shipping needs because they offer;

  1. Affordable Rates

As one of the leading freight forwarders in Africa, you can always rely on Terminal's first-class shipping services at very competitive rates to ensure the fastest connection of your shipments by Air/Sea across the globe.

  1. Business Expansion

As a business owner, partnering with the company offers you the chance to expand your business and trade with people other than those in your locality or state

  1. Keeping to Time

Over the years, the company has gained the trust of the public that has trusted them with delivering their cargo at their preferred destination before the deadline

  1. Choosing Your Preferred Courier

Terminal  is proving to be a standout performer who puts the satisfaction of its partners/customers first by giving them the chance to choose between 13+ couriers available to get their cargoes to the agreed destination/country/city.

  1. Packaging

The business places a great deal of pride in delivering cargoes in the best condition and places a strong emphasis on packaging the products and properties in a way that will satisfy customers and make them eager to use them again.

  1. Customer-Client Relationship

The organization values having a positive relationship with its customers, so they always have a team available to respond to inquiries or handle requests.

The business is also in charge of picking up the cargo, crating it, organizing all legal paperwork, figuring out the best route to take it to its destination, taking the necessary precautions for the movement of delicate items, and organizing payments or processing transactions on the client's behalf.

These reasons are not far-fetched, you’ll be glad when you look back at the decision you took to join the ever-growing Terminal family.

Think Shipping, Think Terminal!