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How To Ship Personal Effects To Nigeria

May 7, 2024

Personal Effects also known as Privately owned properties can be shipped from one country to another for various purposes such as relocation, business trips, vacations,educational purposes and so on.

Shipping personal effects to Nigeria is quite easy, however, it can become unnecessarily difficult if you do not know the ins and outs and also the international regulations that guide the shipping process of personal effects.

In this article we will explain to you the best ways to go about shipping personal effects to Nigeria without hitches.

What Are The Factors That Influence Shipping Personal Effects to Nigeria?

When Shipping personal effects to Nigeria the success of the process depends greatly on two major factors, firstly, the individual and secondly the shipping company you choose to go with. Firstly, let us check out the things you need to do personally to have a hitch free shipping process of your personal effects to Nigeria:

1. How to Ensure a Hitch Free Shipping process

The following are personal steps that need to be taken by individuals to ensure a hitch free shipping process.

Making a Shipping List:

Make sure you make a list of the items you wish to ship from Nigeria to the USA. This way you have the accurate data for the items to be shipped i.e knowing the size and weight of what you wish to ship. This will help you get clarifications if there are any mix ups.

Adequate Knowledge of the Nigerian Customs Law:

You need to have an adequate knowledge of the Nigerian Customs law in order to avoid breaking any rules that might cause unnecessary delays.

Choose The Right Shipping Method:

Depending on the type of personal effects you wish to ship, knowing the right shipping method for such items will help a lot in the smooth transit of the items, some items can get damaged if shipped by air because of the package method used when shipping by air, while some are best shipped by sea. Having the right knowledge of this will help you choose the best shipping method for your items,be it shipping through, air, sea or by land.

Ensure To Track Your Items:

Tracking your items online will help you know the location of your shipment and it will also help you to know when it will get to the desired destination. If any delays occur you will not be caught unaware.

2. How To Choose The Best Shipping Company

The question now is what is the best shipping company in Nigeria to go with despite the array of disappointing shipping companies we have in Nigeria? But before we answer that, let us examine how to choose the best shipping company. When choosing a shipping company, consider the following:


You must consider how reliable the shipping company is, are they well known? Have you heard negative reviews and comments about them regularly? You have to consider this in order to avoid stories that touch.


How much experience does this shipping company have with international shipping? Will your items be used as experiments? Going for a well experienced shipping company will help you avoid all of this or in a worst case scenario never seeing your items again.

Tracking Services:

Ensure that the shipping company you choose has an up to date tracking service that will enable you to track your items from anywhere you are.

Adequate Delivery Services:

Another factor to consider is the delivery services of the shipping company. Ensure that you go with a shipping company that will not cost you unnecessary delay in receiving your items. Do your research and find out about their delivery services. The best and perfect shipping company for a smooth and hitch free shipment of your personal effects to Nigeria is Terminal Africa Inc. Terminal Africa is your best bet to a smooth and stress free shipping process to Nigeria. Let us check out why you should go for Terminal Africa.

Why Choose Terminal Africa?

The following are the few reasons why Terminal Africa stands above all other shipping companies in Nigeria.


Terminal Africa is a reliable company trusted and patronized by thousands of Nigerians for fast and reliable delivery services. We have over 13 courier deliveries that ensures that there are no delays in our delivery services.  

Years Of Experience:

When it comes to the shipping industries in Nigeria, Terminal Africa is an old cat in the game. This is not an up and coming shipping company that will use your deliveries for trial and error in boosting their experiences.

Excellent Customer Services:

The customer support service at terminal Africa is exceptional as staff members are always ready to help you with whatever issues or questions you might have.

Cheap Shipping Rate:

With Terminal Africa, you get  the cheapest rate of shipment charges for premium quality professional shipping services.

What Are The Requirements For Clearing Personal Effects In Nigeria?

The following are the requirements that must be met when clearing personal effects in Nigeria.

  • Valid and up to date International Traveling Passports of the importer of the personal effects.
  • The items being imported as personal effects must mostly be used items.
  • The importer of the personal effects items must have stayed for up to 9 months or more in the country where the items are coming from.


In conclusion, shipping your personal effects to Nigeria from any part of the world does not have to be stressful, all you have to do is put the two major factors into consideration and that is, going with the right shipping company and also playing your own part to avoid any errors. By doing this, you can sit back and relax knowing that your items will get to you safely. We hope you find the information provided above very useful.