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How to Package Foodstuffs for Export from Nigeria to the UK

June 5, 2024

Packaging is one of the most important aspects of exportation, which is why you should invest your time and money in proper packaging.

Food items can get damaged or spilled if not properly packed, so you should keep in mind that the more valuable your foodstuffs are, the more careful you need to be with the packaging.

To ensure good packaging for your foodstuffs for export, consider the following expertguidelines:

  • Select and pack your foodstuffs according to their texture and form
  • Pack each food item in a separate airtight bag and in normal quantity
  • Use a durable box for your food item to ensure safety and avoid spilling
  • Wrap your item in bubble wrap carefully
  • Remember to fill the bottom of the box with packing peanuts
  • Place your foodstuffs carefully in the center of the box
  • Strengthen the box walls with craft paper and corrugated inserts
  • Carefully close the box and tape it securely multiple times to ensure it stays safe during transport and shipping.

It is needless to say proper packaging is vital in ensuring food items safely get to their final destination. And this is why You should entrust your packaging and shipping with a leading experts in the industry (Terminal Africa) to give you the best value for your money.

Packaging and Exporting Foodstuffs From Nigeria To The UK.

To ensure hassle-free packaging, exporting, and delivery of food items to their owners, experts at Terminal Africa recommend the following tips:

  1. Use a durable and properly- sized box to package your foodstuffs

Be sure that the box can sustain an external weight to avoid rupture. You may want to double-box for food items like oil, and grains for extra protection.

  1. Use Padding

Padding or cushioning materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts can be a great option to ensure foodstuff safety. You can opt for multiple layers if you think the item is very delicate to handle.

  1. Label your box with “ Food Items” for shipping

Ensure that it is visible that your package is labeled as food items to enable the postal workers handling your packages to know it should be handled with care. You can put the sticker on all sides of your package to be quickly seen.

Why  Exporting Foodstuffs with Terminal Africa Is Best For You

Shipping with Terminal Africa is much easier and better because we properly pack your food items and ship them to your customers at an affordable cost. We also offer a special service called “Special Handling” services for customers shipping fruits or special food items and shipping services.


Exporting food items overseas requires some extra love and care. Always ensure that your foodstuffs are well protected with proper packaging material and choose the best shipping company like Terminal Africa to handle all your shipping needs. We are ready to package your foodstuffs for exporting for you and save you the stress of DIY as it could cause you a disaster.

We are ready to give you in-depth guidelines for packaging while our rates are affordable. Contact Terminal Africa today, and you will be glad you did.