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Cargo Food From Nigeria To The United Kingdom - Terminal Africa

September 15, 2023

Terminal Africa offers Cargo Services from Nigeria to anywhere abroad. We can help you deliver your packages at the most affordable prices in Nigeria. Contact us now for a free quote.

Food Cargo From Nigeria to the UK

The need for indigenous food shipping in the UK has skyrocketed in recent times due to the influx of Nigerians now living in the UK.

Terminal Africa Inc is the ideal solution for all your food item shipping needs, especially considering the significant Nigerian population in England and Wales. With statistics showing that Nigerians comprise 0.5% of the total population in these regions, it becomes crucial to have a trustworthy international shipping company. Terminal Africa Inc fills this role perfectly, ensuring competence and reliability in handling your shipping requirements..

How can you leverage Terminal Africa to improve your business’s efficiency and profitability? Continue reading to find out.

What is Terminal Africa?

Terminal Africa Inc is an international shipping company that builds the gap between countries and manages the hindrance to the success of food export businesses. At Terminal Africa Inc, we provide cargo from Nigeria to the UK and its environs that successfully deliver food items in shape and taste.

Our services are top-notch coupled with affordable prices together with welcoming employees. These are part of the reasons we have built reputable integrity, and every day satisfied customers over the years.

We offer quality, professional, and market-oriented services that meet the needs of our customers at home and abroad by shipping food cargo from Nigeria to the UK in good shape and on time.

What are the Benefits of Working With Terminal Africa?

  • Helping your Supply Meet the Customer’s Demand in Time

Nigerian indigenous food items such as fruits, vegetables, palm oil, dried fish, yam, crayfish, and beans are part of the world’s most popular commodities in demand. These food items can, however, be challenging to send overseas because of the uncertainties of the seasonal harvest.

Thanks to our years of unflinching services, we understand the basic needs of the food sector and the importance of global port coverage, availability, and reliable scheduling, we help meet your customer’s needs by supplying them in no time.

  • Building Reputable Integrity for Your Business

Trust us to fulfill your shipping and logistics needs. We have built a reputable integrity with food cargo from Nigeria to the UK over the years and enabled a flexible approach, swift supply, damage-free food, and long-term relationship with wholesalers, producers, and retailers in Nigeria.

Our Services

  • We provide ultimate freight solution services for producers, wholesalers, retailers, and individuals who would love to send their food items through cargo, from Nigeria to the UK.

With many years of experience and expertise in the food cargo business, we have offered many swift services which has given us several satisfied customers.

  • We offer seamless food shipping from Nigeria to the UK and other countries. We engage in two methods of shipping; air and cargo by ocean freight. So you can choose whichever one you want.
  • We pick up items from any locations in Nigeria for onward exportation to the UK, hence, you do not need to ask how to send your food cargo to us for exportation.
  • We help package food items in good containers and airtight bags to prevent leakages and damage to the food before getting to the final destination.

Why Should You Choose Terminal Africa?

There are several enticing reasons you should choose to partner with us; these include but are not limited to:

Our Cheap Rates

Understandably, you are looking for the cheapest way to export your food items from Nigeria to the UK due to the high cost of exportation. Kudos to our affordable prices here at Terminal Africa, we are always ready to proffer solutions to your freight problems at cheap and affordable rates.

Ability to Deliver on Time

One of the challenges faced with food exportation is delay. We deeply understand this challenge faced by food shippers which is why we came up with options to suit your needs. Our top priority is to deliver your food items within 3 to 5 working days.

Availability and the Chance to Choose from Multiple Couriers

We provide solutions to food exportation problems through our multiple courier options You can variably choose to export your food items by air or by the ocean depending on the type of food item you want to export.

Proper Packaging

We also help you package your food items in a properly packaged and vacuum-sealed container to avoid leakages, spilling, or any form of damage because good packaging eases exportation.

Customers’ Satisfaction

With our constant professional and excellent service delivery of food exporting from Nigeria to the UK, we have successfully driven our customers to total satisfaction.

Therefore, we have built good customer relations over the years which has brought Terminal Africa into the limelight at home and abroad for our made-easy food exporting from Nigeria to the UK.


Food export from Nigeria to the UK is much easier now because technology is changing the exportation business into a more friendly and stress-free option for food business owners. However, you need to consider the most effective and fastest way of exporting your food to the UK by using a reputable and reliable courier company like Terminal Africa.

How about you decide to be our ‘friend’ today and let’s give you the best experience you could ask for.