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Following up on your deliveries with Terminal

September 13, 2023

Well done! You’ve successfully arranged a delivery with Terminal Africa and should be getting a call from a dispatch any moment from now. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your delivery request goes smoothly.

Step 1. Review your details

Terminal’s delivery process is pretty much automated and so any human error that goes unnoticed will affect your shipping request, causing delays or lost packages. To avoid this, after arranging a delivery, the first thing you’ll want to do is re-check your email and review all the information listed for the delivery.

If you spot any mistakes, contact your selected delivery courier immediately (details below)  and share the corrections with them. Alternatively, you can cancel and reschedule the delivery with the correct information using Terminal Africa with no extra charges.

Step 2. Package your item

Terminal Africa currently offers shipping for only single packages. This means that if you have multiple items that you want to send, you have to either merge them into a single package or you have to request a separate delivery for each individual item.

Each item being shipped should also be well packaged and labelled to prevent damages or loss. For international shipments, you want to ensure that your waybill and commercial invoice are printed out for each package. You can find the option to print both documents on the shipment page of your Terminal Dashboard. If you have multiple items in one package, you will only need a single waybill and commercial invoice for it.

Step 3. Contact your courier

A lot of our delivery partners handle hundreds or even thousands of delivery requests per day and it’s possible that yours may get lost in the process. A good way to prevent this is to send a follow up email to your selected courier to confirm that delivery request was received. In your email include your shipping / tracking number and contact details.

If you still don’t receive a response or confirmation you can follow up with a phone call to the selected courier company. You will still have to provide details about the shipment so try to have your shipping / tracking number ready.

Here are a list of contact details for our various delivery couriers:

  • DHL Express - phone: 01270090, email:
  • errand360 - phone: +234012299989, email:
  • GIG Logistics - phone: +2348139851120, email:
  • Gokada - phone: +2347067343882, email:
  • Fedex - phone: 017215670, email:
  • Kwik Delivery - phone: 013438198, email:,
  • Sendbox - phone: 017006150, email:

If you’re still experiencing issues or delays with your delivery after trying these steps, please give us a call (+2349161154291) or send us a message on whatsapp. We’ll be happy to help out.

Best of luck!