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A Complete Guide on How to Ship Various Foods Internationally

December 24, 2023

Interestingly, Nigerian food is in high demand all over the world. Food is one of the ways we make sense of our culture.


Whether you're a food artisan sending your products to international markets or a culinary enthusiast sending a taste of home to a loved one, ensuring your food items reach their destination in perfect condition requires careful packaging and utilizing reliable shipping services.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to ship various food items securely.

Tips for Packaging Food Items for Shipping

Properly Prepare Your Items

  • Before packing, ensure that your food items are well-dried to prevent moisture-related issues during transit.
  • Utilize a vacuum sealer to remove air from the packaging, preserving freshness and extending the shelf life of your products.
  • Label your items with their English names for clarity during customs inspections.

Choose Quality Packaging

  • Invest in high-quality boxes that provide robust protection for your food items.
  • Sturdy packaging not only shields your products from external elements but also prevents damage during handling.

Package Food Items Separately

  • Protect the integrity of your food items by packaging them separately from other items.
  • This step prevents cross-contamination and shields delicate items from potential damage during transit.

Special Handling for Snails

  • If your shipment includes snails, package them separately, reducing the risk of damage or contamination. Snails shouldn’t be more than 2kg on each shipment.

Steps to Ship Food Using the Multi-Parcel Feature on the Terminal App

If you want to ship food items alongside other packages like clothing, then you can follow the steps here.

If it's just food items you want to ship, then skip step 4 by adding only the food item.

  1. Get access to the Terminal Africa app here: Sign up if you don’t already have an account or you can log in.
  2. Click on Book Shipment, and put in the sender’s and receiver’s addresses.
  3. Select the type of packaging, and click on Add Item.
  4. Enter the item name, and select “Dried Food Items” as the item category.
  5. From the item sub-category, choose the option that best describes the food you want to send.
  6. Next select the HS code. Our app uses AI to bring up the HS code based on the item sub-category you choose.
  7. Add the weight, quantity, and value of the food item, and click save.
  8. If you’re sending your food item with other items like clothing, put it in a different. Click on “Add new parcel”, and input the details of the second parcel.
  9. Click on the “Continue” button to select the carrier and insurance for your shipment.
  10. Lastly, pay for your shipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is proper preparation essential before packaging food items?

A: Properly preparing food items, including thorough drying and vacuum sealing, is crucial to prevent issues like moisture-related problems during transit. This preparation not only preserves the freshness of the products but also extends their shelf life.

Q2: Why label food items with their English names for shipping?

A: Labelling food items with their English names is essential for clarity during customs inspections. This helps streamline the shipping process and ensures that the items are correctly identified and handled.

Q3: How does packaging food items separately prevent damage during transit?

A: Packaging food items separately from other items is a preventive measure against cross-contamination and potential damage. It shields delicate items from external factors and ensures they arrive at their destination in the best possible condition.

Q4: Can I send snails abroad?

A: Yes, you can send snails abroad. You have to ensure it is properly dried, packed separately, and should not exceed 2kg for each shipment.

Q5: What is the advantage of using the Multi-Parcel feature on the Terminal Africa app?

A: The Multi-Parcel feature on the Terminal Africa app allows you to ship food items alongside other packages, offering flexibility in your shipping needs. It streamlines the process for those sending a variety of items while still ensuring each parcel is handled with care.

By combining effective packaging techniques with the convenience of the Terminal app's multi-parcel feature, you can ensure a smooth and secure journey for your food items.

Whether you're a seasoned shipper or a first-timer, Terminal Africa is dedicated to making your food shipping experience seamless and worry-free.

Sign up here and enjoy the best shipping experience.