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Protect your items from damage

Packaging plays a crucial role in shipping. It safeguards your items, reducing the risk of damage during transit, and can even expedite the shipping process by preventing customs delays.

Why Choose Terminal's Packaging?

Lower Prices
We offer the most competitive packaging prices in the market.‍
Personalize your packaging with your logo, business name, and contact information.
Quality Packaging
Our packaging materials meet international shipping criteria meaning you are less likely to encounter seizures during transit.
Tracking & Payment
Customers can easily pay for shipments, track, and stay informed throughout the shipping process.
Quote Generator
T-Hub automatically gives your customers fast and accurate rates for their shipping requests.
Operations Management
T-Hub makes it easy to manage shipments, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
You can get your packaging materials delivered on the same day within Lagos and 2 - 4 days outside Lagos.
You can also book shipments with us, making us your one-stop shop for all your shipping needs.
Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
You can purchase as few as 10 items and for branded boxes, as low as 100 boxes.

Your packaging affects the cost of your shipment, particularly its volumetric or dimensional weight.

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Brown 5-Ply Box for Packaging branded with your logo, business name, and contact details.
plain packaging boxes
Plain Brown 5-Ply Box for Packaging. Logo and business details not included.
packaging boxes with fragile sticker
Poly mailer bags from DHL, UPS, and Aramex. Size is Large except DHL (Large and Medium)