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How to Use Our Free Quote Calculator

A Step by Step Guide on How to Calculate the Delivery cost of any shipment for free using Terminal Africa.

Complete Guide on How to Use the Free Quote Calculator

The Free Delivery Quote calculator does not require that you sign up or have an account with Terminal Africa.

However, here are the things you should put in place to use it and get the best results:

1. Country, State, and City of your shipping location.

2. Country, State, and City of your package destination.

3. The weight of the package you want to ship.

Now that we have all we need in place, let's combine them properly.

Step by Step Guide on How to Calculate the Delivery cost of Any Item

This delivery calculator can help you check the most transparent prices available from major logistics companies like DHL and FedEx.

Step 1: Access the Free Quote Calculator

To get started, head to Terminal Africa's website: You'll find the Free Quote Calculator waiting for you. It's like your virtual guide that helps you estimate the cost of insuring your package.

Step 2: Provide Key Details

Choose the location of your package and the destination you want to ship to. You will be required to include just the Country, State, and city for both. Include the weight of the package and select your preferred currency.

This enables the calculator to tailor your quote accurately.

Step 3: Obtain Your Instant Quote

Click on the "Get Quote" button. The Free Quote Calculator swiftly processes your information and presents you with the estimated cost of Shipping your packages. You will have the best options available from different logistics companies starting with the cheapest.

Bonus Step: Optimize Your Results

  1. To see the fastest delivery options available, you can adjust the sorting of the results. Look for the "Sort By" drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu and select "Fastest". This will rearrange the results to show you the quickest delivery options.

From here, you can ship your package confidently knowing that you will get the best deal available.

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