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How to Arrange an International Shipment

This guide contains easy steps you can follow to book an international shipment.

You can send a package from Nigeria to 150+ countries using Terminal Africa. You will need a valid Nigerian address, phone number, and the address and phone number of the recipient.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Send a Package to Any Country using Terminal Africa (Images Included)

Step 1:

Visit the Terminal Africa website ( Click on the “Log in” button. Enter your email and password.

Step 2

From your dashboard, click ‘Book shipment’ button.  

Step 3

Add the address you want the carrier to pick up from. Include a contact telephone and email address

Step 4

Add the Receiver’s address for the package to be delivered to. Include a contact telephone number, Zip code and email address.

Step 5

Under Parcel 1, Select the type of packaging used and Click on the 'Add Item' button.

Step 6

Include the item name, category, sub-category, and HS code.  Also add the weight, quantity and value of the item you want to send. (e.g., 14 yards of Buba Ankara, Qty - 1, Value - N168,500, Weight - 2.1kg)

Step 7

You can also add another item to this parcel if they’re related or add a second parcel. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Please Note: Under the ‘Upload proof of purchase’ section, take photos of your package on a scale, and attach it along with other relevant documents. This will be useful if you are charged additionally for weight discrepancies.

Step 8

Next, select the carrier you want to use for your shipment such as DHL, Ship to Naija, Fedex etc.

Step 9

If you selected a carrier that has Drop-off available, choose a suitable drop-off location.

Please Note: You will need to select a location that’s convenient for you and take your package there after you finish this booking process online.

Step 10

After selecting a courier. You can choose to purchase insurance to cover your shipment. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Step 11

Review your shipment & click on the ‘Make payment’ button.

Your shipment has been booked successfully.

You will get an email to let you know that your shipment has been scheduled.

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