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How to Install Terminal to your WooCommerce site

Here are the easy steps to install the Terminal WooCommerce Plugin.

The Terminal PlugIn supports WooCommerce websites to ensure that delivery service is done seamlessly without any hassle.

N.B. Before installing the Terminal PlugIn, ensure you’ve installed the WooCommerce PlugIn to your Wordpress site.

Install WooCommerce PlugIn

Step 1 - Search & install  the ‘Terminal Africa’ plugin from the Wordpress platform.

Install Terminal Africa PlugIn

Step 2 - Activate the PlugIn. Then copy and paste your Live API keys from your Terminal account to get started.

Activate PlugIn

Your Live API Keys can be retrieved from the Settings section after logging in. Connect to Terminal Africa.

Retrieve Live API Keys

Step 3 - Confirm address override by clicking ‘Yes, continue’. This will allow Terminal Africa to accurately determine  your shipping locations.

Override Address Settings

Step 4 - Set up your default address and contact info. This will be the pick up address of your business.

Set default address

Step 5 - Check that there is no existing shipping PlugIn (flexible shipping , flat rate per state) if there is, go ahead and disable it.

Deactivate any other Shipping PlugIn

Step 6 - Navigate to WooCommerce settings, and click the Shipping tab.

Navigate to Shipping Tab

Step 7 - Create a shipping zone {choose Nigeria if it’s just domestic shipments ] for international select world wide and add preferred continents.

Select Your Shipping Zones

Step 8 - Add a shipping method and [choose terminal delivery].

Add Terminal as a Shipping method

And that's it, your PlugIn is good to go! Happy Shipping!

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