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Shop from H&M and get it delivered to Nigeria in 5-7 days

November 10, 2023

Are you looking to shop from H&M and receive your order in Nigeria within a week? Look no further! In this blog, we'll provide a step-by-step guide to help you shop from H&M and get your favourite items delivered right to your doorstep in no time.

The only thing better than window shopping online is actually clearing your cart and getting those items you love straight to your doorstep. This article will turn your online window shopping fantasies into reality in 5-7 days. 

Imagine yourself at your computer, shopping from an international online store, whether it's local or from four continents away. You add items to your cart, get to the checkout and realise this store does not deliver to Nigeria. 

Now you can either start your ultimate search for the next person coming to Nigeria from the country you are shopping from, or you can use the perfect solution: T-Shop!

T-Shop is a solution by Terminal that helps online shoppers deliver their goods to Nigeria faster and easier. 

Steps to shop from H&M using T-Shop:

1. Visit the H&M website, select the items you want to purchase, and don't limit yourself. Shop as much as you'd love, add all the items to your cart, and proceed to checkout. At checkout, you'll see a place that requires your contact and delivery details, and that is where T-Shop comes in.

2. Open the Terminal Africa mobile app. If you don't have it yet, take a minute to download it now so you don't miss out. Now that you're on the winning side, open the Terminal Africa mobile app on your phone. You'll see an icon that says, "Get shipping with T-Shop."  Click on "Start Here".

3. Select a country that is the same as the H&M store you are shopping from, and T-Shop will generate address lines 1 and 2 for you.

4. Proceed to put the generated addresses, phone numbers, and zip codes in your delivery information on the H&M website.

5. When that's done, return to the T-Shop page and create a T-Shop shipment using the details of your order, that is, the store name, item description, and the value in Naira.

6. Upload Proof of Purchase, enter the tracking number provided by the store you shopped from, provide your Nigerian address for delivery, and add insurance if desired.

7. Once your item is on its way to you in Nigeria, you'll get an email requiring you to make payment for your shipment. After that is done, sit by your door and wait for your package because it will arrive before you blink.

So, even if stores like H&M don't ship to Nigeria, T-Shop's got your back. It's a clever way to get your hands on global goodies without the usual delivery roadblocks.