Updated List of Prohibited Items from STN.

June 1, 2024

Hey there, here are some of the prohibited items at STN:

- Prohibited: Beans, Rice, Dairy products, Locust Beans, Kolanut, Bitter Kola, Herbs, Herbal sticks, Fashion items with foreign trademarks
- Prohibited to the USA: Vegetables, Egusi, Snail, Ugba
- Prohibited to the UK: Egusi
- Prohibited to Australia: Breadfruit, Snail

- Fish must be packaged with a maximum shipment weight of 20kg per waybill
- Snail and periwinkle (except Australia and USA) must be packaged with a maximum shipment weight of 2kg per waybill
- Food items shipped to European countries and Australia must be commercially packed
- All food items going to the USA must go with the proper phyto
- Eyeglasses & lenses must go with drop ball test certificate
- Medications must go with a medical report, SSN No of receiver or copy of passport data page, and personal medical form
- Artwork & Artefact must go with the museum certificate
- Branded food items must go with an FDA Certificate
- All shipments going to European countries must go with a purchase receipt and proof of payment
- Bottle water must be packaged with a maximum quantity of 3 per waybill
- Prohibited: All forms of seeds, jewelry, watches valued more than EUR 10,000, liquid foods, and provisions.

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