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T-Ship provides a single API for integrating Africa's leading logistics platforms. Access logistics for your business today.

Get instant access to over 13+ local & international delivery carriers

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Have a product you want to develop? Integrate the Terminal Shipping API for ease, speed and satisfaction with your logistics solution.

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Your customers deserve high quality services. We give you limitless options for integrating logistics platforms into your business easily.

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With T-ship customers can arrange pickups to their location, from the comfort of their devices, and have shipments delivered to any location globally.

Centralised Billing

T-ship acts as a powerful hub, perfect to collect data from a variety of sources, including websites, services and apps.

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Over 500 businesses use T-ship for shipping their products to customers. We have high success rates and you can be part of it.


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T-Ship is the only integration you will need to access all your logistics requirements. Get pick ups, billings, tracking and delivery all from our unique logistics API.