How to ship a package with Terminal Africa

A guide on how you can arrange for pick ups and delivery on Terminal Africa.
  1. Visit the Terminal Africa website. Sign up or Log in.
  2. From your homepage, select 'Ship a package in minutes’ by clicking Arrange Delivery.
  3. Add the address you want the courier to pick up from. Include a contact telephone and email address.
  4. Add the address for the package be to delivered to. Include a contact telephone and email address.
  5. Click on 'Add Item'. Include all the neccessary details of the item being shipped. (e.g,- Laptop, HP, black colour, Qty - 1, Value - N120,000, Weight - 7kg).
  6. Review your added item details. You can also Add Another item to be delivered if relevant.
  7. Next you can choose from an options of couriers to use at their best prices. e.g. DHL, Fedex etc.
  8. After selecting a courier. You will get a summary of all information given and you will be prompted to make payment via different options. Review your info & make payment.
  9. For international deliveries, download & print out your waybill & commercial invoice which is available on the shipment page.