How to Ship a Document with Terminal Africa

A short description on how you can arrange delivery for documents using your Terminal Africa account.
  1. Log into your Terminal account. From the Home Page, select Shipping & click Arrange Shipment.
  2. In the Find Address tab, add a Pick Up location & other info like Name, Email, Phone No. etc.
  3. Then add the recipients Delivery Address & other contact info such as their Name, Email, Phone etc.
  4. Click Add New Item. Type a Name, description & select Document from the Item Type dropdown.
  5. Include other details of the document being shipped like Quantity, Weight, & Total Value.
  6. Select your preferred Currency for payment & the type of Packaging used for the shipment.
  7. Select a Logistics carrier for the delivery. After choosing one, Review all the delivery details and edit where neccessary.
  8. Finally, make Payment to arrange the delivery.