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A Simple Guide to Using T-Shop

T-Shop helps people shop from international brands (that do not deliver to Nigeria). Learn how.

What is T-Shop?

T-Shop (Terminal Shop) helps people shop from international brands (that do not deliver to Nigeria) and help them get their items  delivered to their doorstep, safely and quickly.

We do this by providing the customer with an address that is of the same location as the country they are shopping from. Below are the 4 simple steps showing you how to use t-shop.

N.B. you have to download the Terminal Africa mobile app to access T-Shop.

Step 1: How do I order the product?

Visit your favorite global online store and select the items you wish to purchase.

During checkout, provide your personal contact details, then open T-Shop.

Step 2: How do I get a shipping address?

Select the country of the store you're shopping from.

Enter the provided T Shop phone number and generated address.

If the store doesn't have an option for address line two, add it after your surname.

Make payments on the online store and take a screenshot of the proof of purchase.

Step 3: How do I get it delivered to me in Nigeria?

Return to the Terminal Africa App.

Input your item details: store name, item description, and item value in Naira.

Upload the proof of purchase you took earlier.

Enter the order tracking number provided by the store.

Provide your local address in Nigeria for delivery.

Optional: Add insurance if desired.

Submit your details.

Step 4: How do I make payment?

Once your item is in transit,  you'll receive an email to pay for delivery.

Complete the payment, and your package will be on its way to you.

If you need any further assistance, we're just a message away on social media, or drop us an email at Let's bring your cart home!

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