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4 Logistics Terminologies and what they mean

Shipping gets easier when you know the frequently used terms and what they mean. In this video, our Logistics Operations Manager, Ada, says it all.

Have you ever heard of these terms and wondered what they meant?

  1. Custom Duty - It’s a fee imposed by the government of the receiving country based on the value of the item being shipped.
  2. Volumetric Weight - This is used when you’re sending an item in a box. It is calculated by multiplying the length by the breadth by the width divided by 5000.
  3. Commercial invoice - It is a document that lists out the item you’re sending out, the quantity, and the value.
  4. Phytosanitary certificate - This is a document you use when you’re sending out food items.

Check out more terminologies on our glossary page.

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